Young & Rising Talent in the Photography World Mark ‘Bleeblu’ Harless

13 Posted by - February 28, 2014 - Photography

Young and creative, Mark Harless from Alabama recently discovered a new talent; that talent being photography. He is very experimental with his photography, combining fiction and reality to create eye-catching images which make viewers ponder and meticulously examine what is really happening.

In his bio, Mark describes himself in the following way:

I was the kid who stared outside the window during class. I built magical places that only existed in my head but didn’t have the artistic medium to share it with others. I was born without an artistic bone in my body.

It wasn’t until Winter of 2011 when I stumbled upon a photo that changed my life forever. The next day I bought my first camera and I’ve held it close to me ever since.

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Mark Harless photography girl sleeping nude forest woods

Mark Harless photography balloons silhouette hallway

Mark Harless photography bathtub girl shower


Mark Harless black and white photography blanket in the wind