Uniquespiration Mike Lavoie Chicago's Frozen Shadows aerial photo

What is Uniquespiration?

Uniquespiration is a website dedicated to searching, finding and bringing together unique and inspiring people, places and products.

It is a place to discover new artists, new photographers, new musicians. A place for travelers (not tourists) in pursuit of those unique tastes and smells of a city, most often that not, completely off the beaten path. A place for those in search of amazing products and services with a particularity, steering away from the norm and away from mainstream.

In a world of infinite information, Uniquespiration is a guide of all things creative and unique, for all of those with a constant desire to discover new things, new places, new products, new ideas.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


In the design of the logo, the challenge was to create something creative, unique and inspiring, just like the people, places and products showcased on the site; a sort of dedication to those who think outside the box. So, after numerous sketches on paper and on the computer, the final logo was perfected. The logo is creative in that it plays very much with negative space, all in black and white. What you see is a 3D box with the letter “U” cut out of one side; however, by contrasting the black and white on the inside and the outside, a black arrow pointing upwards becomes visible. Besides closely resembling the way Uniquespiration works (see below), the arrow elegantly and efficiently portrays the message in mind, thinking outside the box.



Uniquespiration is easy to use.

The website offers visitors two options for browsing.

The first option is quite straightforward. By clicking latest the posts will align in chronological order, from the most recent to oldest.

The second option is based on the number of likes a post receives. The rank and positioning of each post is chosen exclusively by the visitors based on the number of likes (hearts) given to the post. The more likes a post receives, the higher up it goes in the ranks, the more visibility it gets.

It’s that simple.