The World we live in through the eyes of Swedish Blues Rock Band Graveyard ♫

8 Posted by - June 12, 2014 - Music

Political deceit, war, betrayal, economic upheaval: all recurring themes in the lyrics of the Swedish psychedelic rock band Graveyard. Some may say it’s a very pessimistic view to have on life and the world as a whole, but considering everything that’s going on in the world today (the wars, the lies, the constant bloodshed) they make a good point. Besides their music being a pleasure to listen to and their lyrics very deep and inspiring, I also greatly respect and find lots of good in the fact they’re using music to, figuratively speaking, ‘open people’s eyes’, to begin questioning what the media portrays as truths, instead of simply believing everything they are told.

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Graveyard Band Sweden

Graveyard Band Sweden