The Treehotel | A Truly Unique Experience in the Middle of the Swedish Wilderness

18 Posted by - February 12, 2014 - Travel

Located in the rural Swedish wilderness, surrounded by miles of forest, the Treehotel is certainly one of the most bizarre, yet incredibly unique and fascinating hotel concepts in the world.

Each room has a distint and unique style. For example, the Mirrorcube Room is a room completely covered in large mirrors rendering it almost invisible in the Swedish landscape (in fact, the only thing that prevents birds from accidentally flying into it is an infrared light). Then there’s the UFO Room which, for those of you that have seen E.T., closely resembles the spaceship in the movie. Then there’s the Bird’s Nest Room, which looks exactly what the name makes it sound like, a room designed to look like a massive bird’s nest up in the trees.

Being so far out from populated areas the experience can be the perfect getaway, quiet, calm and relaxing, or, with such activities as dog sledding, hiking, horseback riding and kayaking, as action-packed and thrilling as you would like it to be.

Best of all, the Treehotel is completely eco-friendly, causing no alteration at all to the environment.

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