Sustainable Underwater Skyscraper Design by Adre bin Sarkum

23 Posted by - February 19, 2014 - Design, Technology

For those of you that didn’t know (including myself), every year eVolo Magazine hosts a futuristic skyscraper design competition. Most of the entries are comprised of gigantic buildings, larger and taller than anything we’ve ever seen before; that is, until Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum submitted his design.

Instead of going bigger and higher, Adre bin Sarkum decided to go lower, and to the waters. His proposal consists of something that many refer to as a “waterscraper”, as tall as the Empire State Building, with only two stories above water, and the rest below. Providing housing, work space, and recreational areas, the structure would be completely self-sufficient, using wind, solar, and wave power to create its own energy, and the green space at the top for food and oxygen.

Obviously, the design is simply a concept (for now) and there are no immediate plans to build it or anything like it for that matter; however, with global warming becoming an increasingly serious problem, and the fact that the levels of the oceans continue to rise higher and higher every year, Adre bin Sarkum’s design could very well be a solution to the housing problem in the hopefully not-so-near future.