Retronaut catapults the Past to the Present through Photographs

8 Posted by - May 4, 2014 - Photography

What better way to warp your sense of time than viewing thousands of photos from the past? Discover what was considered “futuristic” in the mid-1900’s. Be mesmerized by images found in a 14th-century Flemish book depicting the origins of a modern-day sport we call baseball (click here). See the building of legendary ships and buildings and peak into what life was like way before your time.

All this and more can be found on the Retronaut website,

Personally, I could spend hours on this site!

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Retronaut Baby Boom
Photo from the 1940’s: The Baby Boom

Retronaut First Human Photographed
Photo from c. 1838: First Photograph of a Human

Retronaut First London Tube Journey
Photo from 24th May 1862: First journey on the London Underground

Retronaut Hindenburg Interior
Photo from the 1930’s: Colored photos of the Hindenburg interior

Retronaut Cat Paw Prints
Manuscript from the 1100s: Medieval cat’s paw prints