Redier | Camera Straps with Attitude!

11 Posted by - February 12, 2014 - Fashion

It all started in Beirut, with some sketches on a coffee-stained napkin.

Redier founders F. Aydin Yunusoglu and Funda Yunusoglu decided it was time to start new chapters in their lives. So they quit their jobs and 9 months later all of their hardwork paid off; their “baby” Redier was born. Their company, Redier, offers hand-crafted camera straps, all machine sewn and all very stylish.

Think about it. One has an infinite array of cases and covers to choose from to make their phones stylish and unique. Then why can’t this be true for your cameras as well? Redier offers exactly that; the perfect way to (easily) give your camera a nice fashionable upgrade, simply by changing the strap. Very cool.

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