Panono | Capture an impressive 360 Degree Photograph by Throwing a Ball in the Air

12 Posted by - May 4, 2014 - Technology

While travelling in Tonga, Jonas Pfeil found himself surrounded by breathtaking panoramas! In an attempt to capture everything he was seeing he took a series of photos with his DSLF camera stitched them together on his computer later. This obviously took a lot of time, and the final image never really captured everything. This dilemma sparked the idea for Panono, ball with 36 embedded cameras. Panoramic ball cameras aren’t something new; however, none are exactly “affordable”.

The first prototype of the Panono Panoramica Camera Ball got a lot of attention, both from the media and from interested buyers; however, the production costs were very high! So the team got back to work and have come up with a solution; a smaller, stronger and more affordable Panono Ball due to be released in September 2014. The ball is intelligently designed so that all of its cameras snap a picture at the exact same time when it reaches its highest point, when thrown in the air. Very clever.

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Panono 360 Degree Panoramic


Panono 360 Degree Panoramic


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