Omar Delawer Expresses himself through Painting

26 Posted by - February 18, 2014 - Art

Omar Delawaer is an artist of Kurdish origin from Syria which resides in Switzerland. His family escaped political havoc and instability in Syria when he was very young, and these human rights issues can be seen in many of his works.

In a recent interview with Revolart, Omar responded to a question regarding art usually reflecting who the artist is, what he thinks and how he feels, in the following way:

The essential in art is not the technic for me. It is more about the message that I want to send to art lovers and to each person, to make them understand what I want to express.

Painting for me is first of all a tool, through which I express my internal side about human issues and condition in this life. And this is why I focus more about human rights, a question that concerns all of us.

Omar’s passion for art from a very early age led him to painting and nowadays has made of him a very well-respected member of the worldwide art community.

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