Mike Olbinski and his Phenomenal Storm Photography (and Videos)

15 Posted by - April 11, 2014 - Photography

An incredible wedding and portrait photographer, with a passion (and a weak spot) for storm photography… or is it the other way around?

Mike Olbinski is a multi-talented photogapher that doesn’t limit himself to only one type of photography. Photographing tranquil romantic weddings and joyful family moments in the off-season, he leaves all that behind when the summer comes around, turning into an adventurous and free-spirited storm chaser and storm photographer! I guess you can say Mike Olbiski is like one of those superheroes we grew up watching on TV, sort of like a real-life Superman (turned photographer). A person that everyone sees as a calm and easy-going guy with a normal everyday job, but when the time comes, he transforms into a venturesome and passion-driven storm chaser… only difference being, instead of a cape, he’s got his camera!

In fact, Mike is one of those photographers that’s difficult to categorize; it really depends on which of his photographs you see first. For example, someone that sees his wedding and portrait photography first would say he’s a passionate wedding photographer, with a thing/hobby for storms. On the other hand, someone that sees his storm photography first would say he’s a passionate storm photographer, and does wedding photography during the off-season to pass the time. In my opinion, it’s the latter of the two, a passionate storm photographer! Whatever the case may be, he’s certainly good at what he does, and that is photography! Great work!

Check out some of Mike’s phenomenal storm videos towards the bottom of this article. Some of the most impressive footage I have ever seen. Must see!

Official website | www.mikeolbinski.com
Facebook | www.facebook.com/mikeolbinskiphotography
Instagram | instagram.com/mikeolbinski

Haboob hitting Phoenix by Mike Olbinski

Chasing storms with Mike Olbinski

Massive lightning storm by Mike Olbinski

Lightning storm by Mike Olbinski

Lightning storm by Mike Olbinski

Supercell by Mike Olbinski