Made in Italy Rolls Gallup uses “California” Workmanship Technique

15 Posted by - February 22, 2014 - Fashion

Designed and created to be unique, and most importantly, comfortable, Rolls Gallup shoes are completely hand-made using a technique known as “California”. This method involves meticulously sewing the reversed upper of the shoe first (something that requires great skill in doing precisely), then flattening the seams. At this point the uppers are ready to be applied to the the sole with the final product being light weight, flexible and soft.

The company has been around for many years and has lots of experience to work with; however, they are always in search of improving their final product more and more. Their philosophy includes the following paragraph, which pretty much sums up this ideal:

When you think you’ve made the best shoe possible, the challenge is there, ready to push again to get back in the game: the satisfaction of every friend of mine is the first and only source of creative energy.

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