German/American Fashion/Product Designer John Patrick Christopher | The “Father of Spats”

13 Posted by - February 12, 2014 - Fashion

Looking for that perfect accessory for a formal event? Something elegant, yet unique? Something subtle, yet eye-catching? Well, here’s your answer. Spats! Spats are, and always have been, loved by many, including celebrities; the likes of Michael Jackson, Will-I-Am, Fred Astaire and Channing Tatum.

Available for both gentlemen and gentlewomen, John Patrick Christopher’s spats are an excellent way to be different and to give your outfit a fresh look. Your beautiful and stylish spats wrap around your shiny, sleek shoes perfectly. Each one is colored gold on the inside (lining), always contains a quote of hope hidden somewhere on the inside and includes the word LOVE hidden away somewhere for you to find.


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