French Visual Artist Patrice Murciano catapults Pop Art into the New Millennium

8 Posted by - April 14, 2014 - Art, Design

It all started with makeup, his mother’s makeup.

Patrice Murciano was captivated by art from a very early age. As a child he would take his mother’s makeup and apply it to the back of old rolls of wallpaper abandoned in the attic. His experimental art style continued into his early-teens, experimenting very much with romantic nude paintings. He has always been attracted to the female figure and this is evident in many of his works. In the latter part of his ongoing art career he was introduced to American painter Jackson Pollock’s “dripping” art technique (dripping paint onto the canvas without touching it). This greatly influenced Patrice and gave him the perfect tool for emphasizing forms of the female figure in a creative and stylish manner. Patrice perfected the technique and made it into a signature and unique style. For this reason I say, Patrice Murciano catapulted pop art into the new millenium, by introducing to the world what he refers to as “pop grunge”. Simply breathtaking.

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Patrice Murciano lady posing

Patrice Murciano eyes covered purple lipstick
Patrice Murciano eyes

Patrice Murciano japanese style pop art

Patrice Murciano burst pop art

Patrice Murciano mohawk kissing

Patrice Murciano cigarette smoking

Patrice Murciano dreadlocks

Patrice Murciano David Bowie

Patrice Murciano painting dreadlocks

Patrice Murciano colorful eye

Patrice Murciano Nelson Mandela

Patrice Murciano in the studio

Patrice Murciano Porsche Design Kate Moss

( via Concorde Gallery )