Ai Weiwei’s Bicycle Sculptures using Thousands of Steel Bikes

12 Posted by - February 24, 2014 - Art

World renown Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, well known for taking everyday objects and re-interpreting them in abstract ways, used bicycles (lots of them!) for his latest work. The first of his bicycle installments was displayed in Taipei Taiwan, in which 1,000 bicycles were used. The second installment called “Stacked”, located in San Gimignano, Italy, used 760 bicycles. The last and certainly largest of his bicycle exhibitions incorporated an astonishing 3,144 bicycles. On display in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, the installment was called “Forever Bicycles”.

In China, the bicycle remains the most popular means of transport, despite the growing popularity of cars. Bicycles are also a child’s first experience of freedom, allowing him to travel around freely. Furthermore, China’s most popular bicycle brand is called “Yong Jiu”, literally translated as “forever”.

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Photo courtesy Ryan Davey

Photo courtesy Ryan Davey